The Atlas Amp presents The Silveretta Sessions

‘The Atlas Amp – The Silveretta Sessions’ released! 

This little album contains 3(+1) songs which i recorded with my former band Silveretta between 2002 and 2007.

From time to time we recorded some instrumental post-rocky tunes that were a bit out of context to the music we normally made. a while ago i found these songs again on my HD and decided to remaster and release them under the label ‘The Atlas Amp’. The Quality may not be the best because we didn´t know much about hi-class recording and mixing back then…

listen to and download for free (or pay what you like) -> here on Bandcamp

Oscillator EP released

today i released my first full studio record – ‘OSCILLATOR’ . The songs of this EP are the work of the last 12 months. To me oscillation is  the epitome of life itself. alive and dynamic…

listen to and download the 5-Track EP -> here on Bandcamp

The Atlas Amp – OSCILLATOR. Available May 14, 2014

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OSCILLATOR  is a 5 song EP available on May 14 2014. I´ll reveal more news here in the next weeks. Also check The Atlas Amp Facebook page or Twitter frequently for more news. Thanks a lot. I´m excited…!

new ambient guitar video online: #9 – pacifica

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pacifica‘ is part of a continuous growing collection of live recordings of ambient guitar sessions that i perform on my YouTube channel. i release these songs in a collection called ‘soil‘. 

download this song (and other songs of ‘soil’ for free -> here

alpha elements – a live session

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on 2nd of november 2013 my pal rob and i played on a vernissage of a friend. the exhibition is located in an old church. ideal conditions for some experimental ambient guitar sounds.

we did a quick rehearsal 1 week before. most of the session wasn´t planned. we decided to let things flow and see what would happen.

rob plays the guitar on the left (the flangy one) 
chris plays the one on the right (the reverby one) 

the 2 songs are free to download -> here